Of masks and gloves

I was locked down
Confined by your deceipt for years
Me wearing gloves of endless love
I could have given you anything
but this...
not this...

You were locked down
Confined by the mask you wear
You're so desperate to be loved
I would have given you anything
but this...
not this...

Lockdown, can't you see
Confinement is not for me
My heart can't be contained
Nor can it be gained
It is mine to give
Unconditionally and forever free
To live as the woman I am meant to be

I can give you everything 
but this...
not this...
Not my core, my soul, my dignity
Not the absolute essence 
of me
'Cause thàt is confined, you see?
In lockdown, locked down eternally
The very heart, the very art of me
No strings attached, just freely be
All the love that resides in me...

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Gecertifieerd holistisch Coach , PAVA-coach Innerlijk Leiderschap, Stress & Burn Out Coach, Belbin Team Rollen Master, NLP Master, Feldenkrais lichaamstherapie

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